Tambourine Girl

The Sun out Bright

The Grass is Green

I feel Alive

It's the sound of a Tambourine

The Whole World Needs a Tambourine Girl!


Tambourine Girl

Put me in a whirl

Wiggle your legs

Show me your soul

It's not the way you wear your kitchazz

not even the way you stare at me at last

It's not the way you're "like from some other universe"

not even the way you write your kitcho verse

And when you leave me on the boulevard

"Hasta la bye bye baby"

you break my heart!

And when your stressrama

dumps me for Rama

Oh baby, I scream for mama!

A born again pagan

but I swear I'll come back

in the sound of a tambourine

and follow your track


The whole world needs a tambourine girl!

I wanna shake, I wanna clunk, I Wanna groove, I wanna tinkle!

Jangle me! Tinkle me! Clank on me! Jingle me! Jingle my bell!

I wanna be your tambourine baby!

By Luis Rocha and Tabea Lindhard

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Last Modified: November 3, 1997

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