Emergent Nonentity

Bring a heart to be on display

gamble the home, come what may

Come to live where your words stumble

Ocean to ocean, the new sights humble

Rent a car, see the open space

away from home, miss a sweet embrace

Fall in love with the new wide land

good old ambition is always in demand

In true friends find a holy grail

guess their laughter from today's e-mail

Fit a girl and home in your heart

try so hard not to break it apart

Is all of this just fear?

Or is it that the end is near?

The Millennium gleaning

all of this shattered dreaming

A Scattered identity

an emergent nonentity

Life and love isn't it ironic?

Or is all denial chronic?

When you find yourself

you are someone else

Yet your lips are so kissable

and your sex so reachable

I want a brand new day in flames

play all of those movie games

Are you the Indian or the cowboy?

the Super-hero or the decoy?

What flag? What language to employ?

When you hop on the corporate convoy?

Come to the source of numb

come you know we will all succumb

(You can) get a soul at the Christ-Mart

just buy a gun for you own sweetheart

It's a brand new day

a few years away

you're the contender

You will surrender

This is your life

flirting with strife

there is no other way

to be true today

By Luis Rocha

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Last Modified: November 3, 1997