Dangerous Idea

When I travel away

bouncing back right here

and the world fades out of phase

oh I wish you'd be near.

Well, a father goes ill

and the womb is worn out

the guru is frail

Oh I wish I knew what this world is about

I can't remember a lover's touch

oh women, and fire, and dangerous things

facets of a love, a love that stings

oh the bitter cup that weights too much (More than I can bear...)

I have a dangerous idea

signs of bubbling life

to rediscover your mind

a brand new order of chaos and light

I want your touch, even if to smack me

I want your gaze, even to despise me

I want your embrace, even if you're leaving

I want your kiss, even if I'm dying!

This dangerous love

this dangerous feeling

the dangerous thought

of a dangerous idea.

All else fails, if you can't be near

By Luis Rocha

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Last Modified: November 3, 1997