Cage (An Industrial Bossa Nova Hell)

Flaming Enclosure

Of trees an moats

I network my Thoughts

in Virtual Coops

I want you to know me

I want you to love me

But cage within cage

I locked that self out

So take me, I'm Yours!

Whatever you find in this hologram pound

Take all the demons, take all the beasts

Take all my love, take all those treats!


We, we all, we all

we all build cages

I wish I could run

Escape from all these Stages

We, we all, we all

We all build cages

we need these walls

Reflections made images

Cage me with your velvet arms

and your sweet understanding

I promise to love you

at least within bounds

One more kiss, dear

I love you, I do.

But don't open that door

My face won't please you!

By Luis Rocha

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Last Modified: November 3, 1997